Transbudinzhiniring Ltd. - Construction and design


Providing consulting and engineering services. Processing of functional obligations as owner-developer.

The Group of Companies is provide a wide range of services related to the accompaniment of construction , such as :

  • Specialized legal audit of public procurement;
  • Specialized legal audit in the construction sector;
  • Services helping to form tender documents to organize tenders in construction;
  • Escort inspections by authorities (financial inspection, etc.);
  • Development of legal arrangements for implementing investment projects in construction;
  • Complex support of the construction (management of object construction);
  • Technical supervision of construction;
  • Examination and evaluation of the technical condition of objects;
  • Examination of project documentation;
  • Processing of functional obligations as owner-developer;
  • Verification quality of technical and technological solutions during construction.

For the implementation of the above activities in the Group of Companies engaged in 22 highly qualified lawyers, 10 certified experts of technical supervision.

Provision of engineering services in the construction

To implement this direction enterprises of the Group have two design institutes, which carry a full range of D&S works, including the development of construction projects, geological and geodetic surveys. At the disposal of this part of the Group is its own laboratory for research soils, geological and modern surveying equipment, including drilling rigs. 15 geologists, 4 laboratory assistants and more than 20 certified design engineers are directly employed in this sector.

Construction works

Group provides a wide range of construction works related to:

  • Opencast mining-excavation, embankment, stripping, reclamation works, groundwater dams;
  • Participation in realization of infrastructure projects-construction and reconstruction of railway lines, and related facilities;
  • Construction of hydraulic structures - water pipes, small bridges, drainage, retaining walls, shore reinforcement works.
To perform the above complex the legal entities of the Group own 120 units of technical equipment and attached equipment, including 55 units of specialized construction equipment (dozers, excavators, vibratory soil comparators, bowser trucks, truck cranes, tipper trucks). 90 % of equipment are of 2012-2013 years manufacture. Advantages in vendor selection techniques available to world leaders of this industry. The largest share in the total amount involved in the Group of Companies specialized construction equipment takes machines brands Caterpillar.