Transbudinzhiniring Ltd. - Construction and design


'Transbudinzhiniring' Ltd. is a part of The Group of Companies which expertise in the following areas related to the earthworks structures and perform earthworks:
  • Providing consulting and engineering services
  • Total number of employees involved in the Group of companies - more than 500 people (ingineers are more then 200, more than 20 specialized lawyers, 10 certified experts for technical supervision).
  • Provision of engineering services in construction.
  • To carry out geological and geodetic works group of companies provide modern surveying equipment, laboratory research and soil drilling equipment. Design works are performed by 20 design engineers, geological and geodetic works are performed by 15 geologists and 4 laboratory assistants.
  • Construction work
  • Group of Companies own considerable equipment and machinery of more than 120 units, mainly 2012-2013 years production. Modern equipment of brands Caterpillar, Volvo, Hyundai, Scania is used.